Summer Rose Farm's and Hatchery

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Summer Rose Farm and Hatchery

Summer Rose Farm and Hatchery, located in Strasburg, Colorado, is a family owned business. Established in 1909 , By Brian's Great Grandfather the hatchery is now owned and operated by Brian and His Wife Tina and there Daughter Summer Rose Newton. Chickens are our specialty, and we offer a wide variety of chickens and other poultry which we ship from our shipping points in Limon Colorado and Elbert Colorado. At Summer Rose Farm and Hatchery, our office personnel gives individual attention to all your needs.

Email to place an order: or mail an order form from our FAQ page with payment. For Customer Service Give us a call at 1-303-622-4485, to let us know how we can help!

We will taking orders for the backyard person that only want a few chicks 4 chick min

Do to the increase of backyard poultry raising. please call ahead on these as they will be older chicks that didnt ship and need a good home.

Purebreed's will be $5.00 per chick min 4 to order but these will be of varios age and breed's but will be top quality chick's. And based on avaibility

Barnyard mix will be $4.50 per chick min 4 and will be straight run only no sexing on this and will be mixed breeds. And based on avaibility.

                 A small Hatchery and poultry farm that sell's  Farm Fresh Egg's, Chick's, Fertile Hatching egg's, and older bird's